Are you ready to meet one of my gorgeous girlfriends?  Then wait no longer!.   Fill out my form below and make sure you provide the following:

* Full name, age, two recent references (must have been used within the past 60 days), and your TER ID.   Your references must be from reputable providers and/or agencies

* If you have TER Whitelist, we may consider it as long as your references do come back with glowing feedback.  The reference must be within the past 60 days. 

* P411 may be considered if you have at least 3 OKs which are recent within the past 60 days.

* I reserve the right to deny your application should any vulgar, or inappropriate language is used in our communication.  I also reserve the right to ask for further verification information should the above not be sufficient to make me feel comfortable with you.   Failure to follow procedure during the application process will result in an immediate blacklist from our agency.   Please be a gentleman and respond to our inquiries to the best of your ability.   You will be rewarded with the opportunity of meeting one of my wonderful girlfriends.

** RULES **

* Donation - the exact donation amount must be placed within an envelope and left visible on the nearest table once you enter.

* Hygiene -  once you enter, you must proceed immediately to the shower and freshen up!  What lady does not love a clean gentleman?  Our models will always be clean for you. Failure to do so will result in an immediate termination of your appointment.  Make sure you have minty fresh breath, my girlfriends will appreciate it highly!  Failure to adhere to our hygiene guidelines a second time and you will be automatically be placed in our blacklist.

* Privacy - We are here to provide you with the most amazing time.  Please do not ruin the moment by asking my girlfriends private or personal questions.   Also, DO NOT ask my girlfriends about other girlfriends within my circle, that is what I am here for,  please direct those questions to me silly!   Also please DO NOT ask my girlfriends about how our companion team works and other operation relation questions, it is a big turn off and it just kills the mood for any lady!.    Nosy gentlemen will have their session terminated immediately and be given a first warning.   A second time and you will be automatically be placed in our blacklist.   DO NOT leave your business card, e-mail address, phone number, with my girlfriends, the information will be trashed and your will be blacklisted immediately.

p: 929-421-7407